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10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

What do you remember most fondly from the last wedding you attended? Was it the bride's dress or car the couple left in? Or was it the amazing food, entertainment or location? We would predict that guests remember the little details that make them feel loved at any wedding - like they are a much appreciated attendee, and not just one of potentially hundreds of guests! 

So what can you do to ensure your guests are happy and remember your day for weeks to come? Read on for our top suggestions!

1. Provide Directions

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you are given an invitation that you have absolutely no idea where it is, what the transport is like or even what type of venue you are going to? 
Forewarned is forearmed so at the very least a sat-nav postcode will be appreciated by your guests, as well as parking instructions, notes on public transport availability and whether they will be expected to move between venues on foot. 
10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

2. Personalisation

Your guests will absolutely love it if you make personal touches about them. From a simple note on the inside of their place card (maybe reminding them what they pre-ordered for their meal!), to a personalised favour, keepsake or special touch on the day. 

3. Don't rush!

Spread your day out so that your guests can relax and move from one location to another freely. Herding guests from one place to the next in a rush is not only stressful for you and the organisers, but also the guests who don't know what to expect! An order of the day, combined with relaxed timings allow everyone to absorb the day as it unveils. 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

4. Keep them dry!

It goes without saying, your guests are unlikely to bring their own brolly to your big day so to rescue them from any downpours should they be outside at all, make sure they have access to something bright and beautiful to shelter under! 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

5. Provide a chill out zone

Not all guests want to spend all evening on the dance floor, or be shouting over the music if they want to sit with friends and family instead. Create a quiet zone where the more chilled out party-goers can relax with a drink whilst still enjoying the day. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness about their energy levels! To make it extra cosy, add in some blankets and comfortable touches. 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

6. Cater for their diets

Guests love an option. Champagne or pimms? Meat or Fish? Be flexible where possible with your catering so that guests feel catered for. In addition, a small plate of adult meal can be a nightmare for small children who are over-tired from such an exciting day, so try and persuade your venue to provide easy finger foods, or classic children's meals to make the wedding breakfast an enjoyable experience for guests and parents! 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

7. Take the pressure off 

What can you possibly do to make your guests feel like the day is for them? Obviously we know the big day is about the Bride and Groom, but you've invited the people you love to share with you, so try and make them feel special. Can you provide transport? Maybe children's entertainment so that the grown-ups can relax?

8. Reserve a room

In addition to the above, if you have guests travelling from a distance, reserve them a room at a local hotel. They don't have to take you up on it, but will appreciate the thought. Lots of hotels are very flexible with large block bookings in advance for weddings, so have a conversation with the reservations manager and see how they can support your guests. 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

9. Comfort is Key

Come rain or shine, your guests' comfort is key. Brollies are perfect to keep drizzle off a beehive, and the sun off bare shoulders. Blankets and flip flops are perfect additions for later in the evening, and snacks are always appreciated! 

10. Personal thank you

End the wedding celebrations a few weeks later by sending a personal thank you to your guests, and include either a link or print outs of a professional photo of them at your wedding. They will appreciate the memory and will be able to reminisce with you! 

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved


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