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Small and Stylish : Intimate weddings are here to stay

Small and Stylish : Intimate weddings are here to stay


It's no secret that weddings have had a rough time recently, but we know (at least hope with all of our hearts) that the future is much brighter.

However, we’re also confident that small and intimate weddings are here to stay. By stripping it all back… what are we left with?


That’s all there is to it.

Your small wedding can still be beautiful, full of personality and from the heart – and if anything, the smaller the guest list, the more personal it is.

We recently collaborated on a wonderful shoot, which was featured over on Festival Brides which is just a perfect modern small gathering. From a killer sequin suit, to gourmet snack box favours – there no need to hold back when you go small.

As June from Junie Poonie Events quite rightly says on the blog post “This shoot, being small and intimate in terms of style and the team, has really filled the hearts of the creatives. I only hope that this shoot will allow couples to have a glimmer of hope, a trickle of light (and splash of sequins) that when they do get to have their SMALL-BIG-DAY … it can be all they ever hoped for and more”, and here at Brolly Bucket we couldn’t agree more.

"With realism at the forefront of this shoot, knowing that it can become nippy as the sun sets, yet not wanting to sacrifice on style; Brolly Bucket came up trumps with her Brolly & Blanket sets; ensuring that cosy and comfort were ready and waiting; whilst working tremendously with the overall style and feel" - Festival Brides

Remember, good things come in small packages – and when its just 30 (or 15!) of you, there’s no reason not to think big when you go small. 

Concept, Styling & Design: Junie Poonie Events; Photography: Blonde Shot; Venue: The Hill Farm House; Stationery: Junie Poonie; Florist: Willow and Wild Floral Events; Hair & Makeup Artist: Amy Louise Beauty; Grazing: The Gourmet Dinner Lady; Cake: Oh My Cakery; Drapes: Boomting Bunting; Hair Accessories: Miss Clemmie; Umbrellas & Blankets: Brolly Bucket; Gift Candles: Olive Tree Home Candle House; Outdoor Cinema: Oh My Cakery; Oversized Chalk Initials: Velvet Chalk; Wedding Suit: ASOS; Model: Nicola Rose

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